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ZAYN - Icarus Falls + Features

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. I honestly thought the verses were sung by someone else for a minute. He sounds amazing. On repeat.
  2. For some reason I had Icarus Falls on in my car today, for a long trip, and it's actually kind of fantastic (well, the first 16 or so songs). Deserved a bit more credit as a follow-up to his debut.
  3. I think most of us would agree the issue wasn’t the quality of the material, but his work ethic.
  4. Both of Harry’s new songs sound like “mind of mine” b sides
  5. I am in love with him and Mind of Mine plus Cruel are so so wonderful, but for some reason I still haven't tackled any of Icarus Falls! I have to do it soon.
  6. I would love to hear Zayn on Lights Up.
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  7. From your words to God’s ears
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  8. How? Honest question, I like the songs but I don’t really see it at all.

    He should’ve done a two-part release. Half in the middle of the year, half in the end. Would’ve actually had people listening to it and would’ve fared better. It’s a really good album though, or it could be with better edition.
  9. Harry and Zayn’s voices sound similar (when Harry isn’t straining his voice). Also Mind of Mine has the radio friendly pop/R&B influence that I believe Harry is striving for in “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”.
  10. I feel like Zayn has a real ear for melody and neither Lights Up or Watermelon Sugar have that strong of one.
  11. Which makes his lack of going out and promoting and performing all the more frustrating because if he actually did he'd be massive.
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  12. You can take the boy outta Bradford but you can’t take the Bradford outta the boy...
  13. 8 month old tweets brought back, why?

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  15. Very Mahmood.
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  16. It's astounding how he still works with such big budgets (judging from that video teaser) while still doing less than bare minimum. And I'm a little Zaddy who loves his voice, but wow. It makes you think.
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  17. The first 16 songs are good but the album lacks some quality control between song 17 and 82. I quite like 86. 92 and 114 to 117, but he completely lost it around the 112 track mark. 187 is a bop though.
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  18. Another video he won't actually be in.
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  19. I wonder if RCA will fund a third album.
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