Zayn - Icarus Falls

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Normally I’m all for long, sprawling indulgent tracklists but his hit to miss ratio has been so terrible this...”era”...that that many tracks just feels me with dread.
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This is gonna be messy as hell but I love me a messy pop-R&B album once in a while and I still have a bit of faith in him... so yes, I am perched.

They're not even trying with the cover art anymore huh.
Be grateful. I'd rather have this than another "Sour Diesel" or "No Candle No Light" type of situation.
This tracklist better bring a little bit of Janet tea and include like 16 interludes because... this amount of full lenght tracks would be simply unbearable.
I can’t wait for the next exhaustive piece of journalism that the album will prompt:

Zayn Levels With His Past: “Harry stole my last Malteser one time.”

And let’s not forget the obligatory paragraph of purple prose that opens every Zayn article.

Malik sits across from me, perfect lips pouted and dark eyes staring into my soul. I make a mental note to call my wife after the interview to tell her I’m gay now.
He's probably releasing it as 27 tracks so he can try and get some sort of streaming record with the album.

I love it any time Chris Brown posts that his last album broke records and got X amount of streams in a week (or whatever), completely failing to mention it was because his peers release 12 track albums at a push while he tossed out 40 songs on his.
I actually winced when I saw 27 tracks.... If his recent set of singles was boring, why should there be any hope in that ridiculous amount?
I don't mind the 27 tracks considering the hit/miss ratio he has with these singles. Hopefully something salvageable will be able to be made.

I'm just baffled that they would go forward with releasing an album this long and not even bother including the 2 closest things he has to a hit. Those streams might as well count for something.
I've liked every song I've heard so far (though I only really return to Sour Diesel) so I am lowkey okay with 27 songs ooop.
Me, totally disengaged from this mess post-Mind of Mind and seeing the thread title change:


27 songs sounds like no one won but I also ended up stanning his debut after being reluctant to what he could properly deliver. Let me go ahead and perch.
I've been strangely enjoying Too Much lately so my excitement has slightly increased. I'm almost certain there will be 6 to 8 good tracks on this and I'll be able to make a nice EP out of it.
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