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Zayn - Icarus Falls

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Really, a "Run Up" type video would have been so much better than a Nicholas Hoult ten years ago meets "Tove Ho" type aesthetic?
  2. Has Jahron gotten over his little snit so the remixes can go back up?

    I can't say I'm unhappy that this single will be demoted to a "buzz" single though. He can do much better and this era needs a jumpstart (or a complete overhaul in terms of approach but I won't hold my breath). Serving lewks in NYC:
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  3. Did we ever find out what happened between him and PARTYNEXTDOOR? Their fallout seemed to come out of nowhere.
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  4. RMK


    I think whatever happened was for the best. Zayn can make a better song.
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  5. Get Major Appropriater on the phone asap.
  6. I'd love Zayn to have something like Slide. It would fit the whole aesthetic well and it's a jam.
  7. Is it official that SGT will be a buzz single or is it just wishful thinking? Nothing with that single made sense to me from the start: PND features too prominently in the song, I get that ZAYN is used to sharing the spotlight but giving that much shine to another artist for a lead single isn't a good way to "sell" an album imo). I'm hoping he'll release a stronger solo lead single followed by the Nicki collab - I don't think his fans want another collab next. Anyway look forward to hearing what he has in store for us.
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  8. I'm wondering if that was the origin of the beef. I was reading everywhere that people preferred the remix to the original, and Ray BLK gets to sing a fair bit in it.
  9. Yeah, I also think another collab may be the wrong direction to go with this next one -- better to save the Nicki song for his album release. I'm anxious for new music or some kind of news soon -- he's been seen outside various buildings more than usual in the last week-and-a-bit, so it makes me vaguely hopeful.
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  10. I feel like Zayn would be very lazy in bed. Maybe not all that into sex at all. "Lets just smoke a bit and chill" teas.
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  11. My ex teas.
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  12. There's nothing wrong with being career-oriented.
  13. Whatever else, he has a talented tongue (edit: according to his groupies of yore).
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  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Don't forget "hung like a camel"!
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  15. I like Still Got Time... still in my playlist.
  16. karren_brady_staring_at_emergency_exit.gif
  17. Problematic siren going off. Zayn in Aladdin/Prince Ali of Babwa fantasy roleplaying scenario teas.
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  18. This album will do a Dua Bebe XCX right?
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  19. RJF


    I'm still bopping to "Still Got Time".
  20. Ready for his Number 1 Angel.
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