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Zayn - Icarus Falls

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The fact that he put his tailor holding a laser pen to pretend it’s a sniper is a dead giveaway that the MV is not to be taken too seriously.
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  2. I'm strangely not feeling the song but hope Zayn has a grower.

    I liked the martial arts but it's no Say You'll Be There.
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  3. The song is nothing special, but damn, he's so hot, Jesus on a bycicle!
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  4. Jesus, take the wheel. And everything else.
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  5. Those describing the song as "contemporary" and "breezy" - it just sounds polite for boring. He's so beautiful though.
  6. Dreadful.

    This can't seriously be the new single right?
  7. Well, no.
  8. His album had interesting production and hooks for days. I don't get why those things appear to be missing here.
  9. A smash this is not.
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  10. this. What ha happened?
  11. Yeah, Mind of Mine was amazing and is still the best solo One Dicration related effort by a mile. The songs for the second album we heard so far are nothing to write home about for me. I hope I change my mind when I hear the full album, if we get one. At least I'll always have the debut.
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  12. Finally listened. It's fine, I think it'll be a grower the way most of his songs are especially when you start screeching along to the radio. I know plenty of friends who are getting married who will play this at their weddings (shoot me, please). The verses are really good, give me an 80s feel for some reason.

    I can't decide if I love it or not, let me listen a few more times.
  13. I got to the "i'll be faithful" line and had to take a moment to quiet my laughter. Otherwise, this is kind of pleasantly there. Lacks an "oomf", ya know?
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  14. I see you.
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I can’t even really evaluate the song, I’m just revelling in the voice. I missed him.
  16. Okay, it is a grower.

    I am presently screeching 'Let me be your maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!' at my neighbour's demented cat (it keeps hanging out by my window sill).
  17. I think this is incredible, so I must be in a very small minority.
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  18. His voice sounds amazing and he looks more like a big pop boy than ever, but the track really is kinda sleepy.
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  19. Zayn baby NO, what is this B-side/deluxe track/Japan exclusive only-sounding song? After all this time for this tripe and NO ONE asked for the 'fight scene' in the video. Stop this movie action hero spy whatever narrative NOW.

    I was so with him at Still Got Time - thereafter, everything else have been subpar.
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  20. This is nice background music on a sunny day but that's it. I honestly believe if he released SHE or Tio from his first album now they could be hits today... oh how I wish that album got a proper campaign, so many missed hit single opportunities.
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