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ZAYN - Let Me & Infinite Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. He’s a selfie artist
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  2. He's a zoet.
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  3. He’s a modeling pics artist

    He’s a zartist

    He’s a zaddy
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  4. You know you wouldn’t have it any other waaay
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  5. Let Me tingles my nether regions. The Police are shewk, hunni!

    More of this and less of Dusk Til Dawn, please.
  6. I'm usually ok with most of his tats, but this new one....the pain!

  7. Is this doing anything commercially? I still don’t love Let Me, but if it makes waves I can deal.

    Also at least we finally got a release month for the album from the management drama.
  8. It’s predicted to debut at #70 in monday’s Hot 100 and it’s already out of the top 100 on iTunes. It does seem to be doing a bit better internationally though, a Dusk Till Dawn tea.
  9. It would make sense if this flops because there is no specific quality to it no? Like it’s a nice song maybe but there are around 1.4 billion more interesting songs on Spotify.
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  10. Let Me is amazing, my favourite song at the moment.
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  11. I really love the song too, shame its had such a luke warm reception.
  12. I was really into "Let Me"'s whole vibe but then the other day I played it for someone and felt kind of embarrassed at how shit the lyrics are. It's also pretty weirdly faceless from a strategic/commercial standpoint, even down to the title.
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  13. I listened to "Let Me" once last night and had it in my head waking up. It sounds like it belongs in some travel or Sandals Resort commercial.
  14. I've warmed to it a bit more but there's just something lacking. I'm hoping he'll wait a few more months and just start the hell over with a stone cold bop being released.
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  15. I really like the song...It's as close as Pillowtalk II we'll get. Not a fan of the tattoos and the latest one is even more stupid than the really stupid one's he's got. Don't get it all, but each to their own. Can't wait for this new album. So is this right in 2018 we are getting new albums from Zayn, Liam and Louis T (forbid) and Niall/Harry are touring. I didn't think they'd ALL do as well solo as they did but they've really done well. This must be a record right for every member in the band selling so much worldwide? I can't remember a pop group where everyone killed it Internationally since Spice Girls.
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  16. New song titles:
    Fresh Air
    Good Years
  17. He's now a tumblr aesthetic boy.

  18. I love Bazzi's album cover.
  19. I can actually hear the lack of personality.
  20. It's giving me some Andrew Cunanan but I think I'm here for it?
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