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ZAYN - Let Me & Infinite Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

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    You are such a gift
  2. 2014

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    I love Let Me who knew I wanted Zayn to serve Lighthouse Family bops
  3. Let Me doesn't blow me away like a lot of the stuff from Mind of Mine, but I can't help enjoying it because it's just a light breezy bop.
  4. I absolutely adored his debut album. I don't think there was a single dud single on there. I put it out into the universe that I hoped he'd release 'She' or 'Drunk' as a single and have Zara Larrson feature on it, but obviously that didn't happen. Sigh.

    I'm intrigued as to where he will go this time round, especially as he doesn't have the 'first album since leaving 1D' hype around him.

    Tbh, I'm thirsty for him so even if his album is bleh, I'll probably still stan.
  5. [​IMG]

    Maybe she snapped.
  6. He looks like he'd gay-bash me and I love it. Also those lashes >>>>>>>>
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  7. I have a feeling before the year is out he'll have a really bad tattoo on his face
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  8. He is definitely not made for a life in the spotlight, maybe he should step away and just release his music independently?
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  9. Isn’t he doing that already?
  10. Is he? I thought he was planning on touring?
  11. He's like, halfway there at this point. I think it's important to note that there are multiple things at play, being his anxiety and his general lack of interest in (heavy) promotion. He did a number of performances and interviews for the first album but even if his anxiety hadn't forced him to stop, it's likely he wouldn't have done many more anyway. He also never planned a tour for that album and according to him anxiety didn't play a part in that decision. This go around he's said he's already rehearsing and is looking forward to going on tour but he hasn't mentioned anything about televised performances and such.

    I think he'll take a Lana approach where he releases music, does minimal (if any) promotional spots, but still goes on tour.

    HDD says his record label is happy with things anyway and will be looking to re-up their deal after his current contract expires with this album.
  12. It's all speculazion, so we will never truly know.
    MoM still bops.
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  13. Let Me is easily the worst thing he's ever released now that I've let it simmer for a few weeks. It's completely anonymous and sounds dated in the worst way. Not sure what the hell RCA was thinking letting him release that as a single.
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  14. RCA isn't known for making the best decisions when it comes to promoting an album. This entire era has been messy, we don't even know anymore which single is the lead and have no idea what direction Zayn is taking musically with this new record. (if he's taking one!)

    The "Mind of Mine" promo was flawless to me, But back then, RCA didn't have a clear idea of what Zayn's commercial potential really was, so they probably let him and his team make most of the decisions. Also, Zayn knew exactly what kind of music he wanted to make, what he wanted to say. He had a clear vision of what the album was supposed to sound like and what story he was going to tell. I don't think it's the case for his sophomore album.

    My impression is that RCA wants to turn him into a major pop/R&B artist and for him to reach his full commercial potential. And I truly think Zayn wants the same thing too. But as we know, RCA isn't good at turning his R&B artists into huge pop stars (see also: Tinashe). To me, this clearly explains why the material Zayn has released so far to tease his upcoming album is so weak. They're playing the safe card and it's disappointing.
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  15. Zayn just uploaded all of the lyrics video for the "Mind of Mine" tracks on his YouTube channel two years too late. Kind of an odd choice but it just reminded me how great this album was.
  16. His debut really was fantastic. I still spin it pretty frequently.
  17. Can Zayn just re-release "wRoNg" as a single? He can do an Azealia and release a music video for it two years too late.
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  18. The way this is going, I'd settle for a remixed deluxe re-issue of Mind Of Mine.
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  19. I don't understand why "Drunk" wasn't a summer smash. It was perfect in every way. Well, it was MY 2016 summer smash anyway.
  20. I will forever fume about it not being a single.
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