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ZAYN - Let Me & Infinite Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Rear View was the great lost summer smash.
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  2. Or Borderz. Honestly his first album was flawless.
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  3. Lucozade is still my favourite off Mind of Mine. One of the only chorus-less pop songs I've heard that actually works.
  4. I haven’t come back to ‘Let Me’ since the first listen. Not a good sign.
    This was posted on his instagram yesterday. 25th of May or June, possible release date for the album?

  5. On the other hand me, dragged it when it premiered - play it all the time now.
  6. Was fantastic upon release day; still fantastic now.
  7. Let Me, not good.

    Mind Of Mine - completely perfect.
  8. Flawfree.

    One of my favorite albums of the last few years.
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  9. My favourite Zayn song by a mile. Should have been the second single over Like I Would.
  10. Same. Such a beautiful track.
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  11. SMG


    Mind of Mine is like, insanely good. Not a single song less than a 7.
  12. I loved Mind of Mine, but Let Me is actually my favourite song by him thus far, kii. Dusk Till Dawn however, was absolute drivel, as was Still Got Time.

    The fact we all have different opinions on his music but generally agree he is great, says to me that he’s doing it right.
  13. No ma’am. Still Got Time was fab.
  14. Still Got Time is the only decent thing he's released post Mind of Mine.
  15. It’s outrageous ‘Let Me’ wasn’t a bigger hit. I mean, there’s still time for it to grow with the public but this era feels very muted so far.
    I’m hoping he does tons of interviews nearer to the time of the album release because atm he seems very absent from it all.
    I just want the best for him!!!
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  16. I love Let Me his vocal is beautiful and it’s a light, breezy little pop song.
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  17. He also got 25 tattooed on his neck though I'm not sure that means anything regarding new music. I'm not expecting the album till August or September at this rate. Something's definitely coming, though.

    All the other songs have been confirmed by the artists so I'm guessing it's real. Only question is if it's coming tomorrow as they say or next week.

    The Standom usually being right + that insta post seems to point to next Friday. He has at least 2 music videos in the can so there's a good chance he'll drop a video along with the song.
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  18. RJF


    Who is running The Standom? Their tea has been piping.
  19. I'm pretty confident that any album we eventually get will be great, but the wait and promo singles have been a load of faff.
  20. I woke up in the mood for him his debut this morning and it's such a great album. Bordersz, Fool for You, Rear View, It's You, Pillow Talk, TIO, and Wrong are all 10's.
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