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ZAYN - Let Me & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. This is really disappointing.
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  2. Someboy

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    It's the most boyband-sounding song he's ever done, and he made four albums as a member of a boyband.
  3. This is true. At this point, he still hasn't bested It's You, Drunk, or TIO.
  4. He did a couple of radio interviews where he confirmed again the album is done. He says he still has a couple of ad libs and "Zayn sauce" to add here and there but the tracklist is finalised. Also reaffirms that he's rehearsing and working on musical arrangements for the tour. More videos to come before the album, and fans are going to be involved in figuring out what's in the briefcase. I'm getting Anti Diary flashbacks with this briefcase bit. I hope it's not some grand plan for revealing his album title or tracklist.
  5. Well, that's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Where are the bops like She and Befour?
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  6. It's more or less just as boring as the past two singles. But I've unstanned so much I'm not surprised I don't like it one bit.
  7. I know right? I kind of like it in a faceless mid 2000s boy band guilty pleasure kind of way. It's giving me:

    The video on the other hand is all kinds of embarrassing. I did like when the girl kicked that guys ass though. That was the only good part. Also he continues to be devoid of personality on screen.
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  8. Backstory on the single cover
  9. zAYn sAUCe on the tracklist confirmed!
  10. What's with the straights and their obsession with Scarface, though?
  11. It is a bit of a grower, but still ranks near the bottom of his string of singles.
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  12. This is exactly why I love it. It gives me more ‘faceless Y2K-era boy band bop via Sweden’ than anything he’s done since Stole My Heart and I couldn’t be more pleased.
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  13. The fight scene made me giggle too. I love me some Zayn, but that was serving Michael Jackson roleplay realness. I just didn't buy that he could take that broad-shouldered gent down, much less with the overdubbed grunts and groans.

    The song is cute but it doesn't match the quality of anything on his debut album. I like the lushness of the production at least.

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  14. 1. Maybe it's time to change the thread title?

    2. Is it worrying the song is only at #15? I would expect it would have jumped to at least Top 5 by now.
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  15. Have you SEEN Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Steven Bauer in Scarface?

    Everyone should be obsessed...
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  16. "Let Me" is a grower the more you listen to it, but it's totally not what I expected from Zayn. I expected a darker track. It's very mainstream pop sounding and the chorus is quite weak.
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  17. Fellow gay here who absolutely loves Scarface (it's a classic) - also, young Steve Bauer was so dreamy.
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  18. Song and video doing nothing for me really (so far) but oh my god the man is a work of art.
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  19. 2014

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    why is this era so...cheesy
  20. There's a scene with blond Zayn in one of the teasers he posted...the next video will probably be a continuation/related.


    I don’t want to give too much away. It’s kind of like a conceptual album. There is dark songs on there and there’s light songs too, but the whole thing is kinda gonna make sense when the whole album’s out so that’s what we’re looking forward to.

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