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ZAYN - Let Me & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eccentricsimply, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. He was literally making a joke.
  2. Let Me is a grower.
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  3. I like the song but it's not a Zayn song. I also have no idea what his album is sounding like based on the songs released.
  4. Those lyrics. That video. No thank you.
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  5. Give me the darker bops, Zaddy. I’ve tried. I just can’t get into this.
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  6. Groundbreaking.
  7. Let Me is total garbage.
  8. At this rate he should’ve kept “She” and “Rear View” for his second album.
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  9. If i suffered through Harry’s disaster debut era, I suppose I can live with Zayn’s sophomore slump. I’m not jumping ship yet, but I am officiallly Concerned.
  10. You guys are so dramatic.
  11. I mean Let Me isn’t good. Neither was Dusk. 0/2 in this new era.
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  12. I actually love this, especially the verses.

    It's made me want to listen to Prince for some reason.
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  13. It really does sound like a lost NLT / Varsity Fanclub single in the best way possible.
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  14. The entire Mind of Mine thread pre-Befour.
  15. Let Me is giving me '2003 Polish Idol winner is not like other pop rocky winners, he's an R&B laydees man' debut single release.
  16. I love it!
  17. The song is way better if you forget the video exists.
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  18. Let Me is cute but probably not something I’ll return to a lot. This “Zayn sauce”, though...
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  19. Song and video are both great.
  20. Zany wishes he had a song as good as ‘She Said, I Said’.

    ‘Let Me’ is not good at all. 0/2. :(
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