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Zayn - Nobody Is Listening

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Oh the song is BORING! Here are some bangers from Ingrid the visionnaire!

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  2. „Everbody is listening“ may be a little exaggerated.
  3. Why does this face never appear on any of his album covers?!
  4. I can't decide if the hair or the headline is more tragique.
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  5. The turquoise hair is a vibe. It's the headline that's tragique.
  6. The colour is fine. The haircut though...

  7. The hair is amazing.
  8. So there’s a video of Zayn having a shirtless brawl with some random person on the streets of NYC. The video has been posted on TMZ, but didn’t want to link to them directly. Long and short of it is that Zayn apparently calls the other guy the f-word.
  9. Response in spoiler tags for f-slur use.
    So … upon reviewing the video and reading up on Twitter, it sounds like the other guy who instigated the altercation called Zayn a faggot and Zayn responded with “oh, I’m a faggot?” It’s hard to make out what started it, why Zayn was shirtless dddd, but it seems like Zayn did not start this altercation, and though he technically used the word, he was the one who was called it, he did not call the attacker it.
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  10. Urgh, civil rights King, his provocative mind (of his).
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  11. Not Zayn looking kinda thicc in that vid with the daddy weight.

    Oh someone put me in the bin.
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  12. This has grown on me a lot but I’m still astounded that it’s probably his biggest song to date.

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  13. Let's celebrate that milestone praising his outstanding ad-libs on this song.

  14. Zayn becoming a bad Dropbox rapper was not what I expected from 2021, but maybe I should have.
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  15. The Zelfie King also returns.

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  16. For the life of me I still have yet to crack the message of Lucozade. Have the lyrics ever meant anything for any of you guys dddd
  17. Haha if you figure it out let me know because I have been wondering about that. My conclusion is that he simply threw these lyrics on the paper without any real connection.
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