Me and the stamella shroom I fused to a log:



This is phenomenal thus far. It’s given me the same feeling that Breath of the Wild gave me the first time around. I don’t want to spoil anything, I am being vague, but I’ll hide it for those who can’t play yet. There’s one particular item you get given access towards the end of the tutorial to that I couldn’t understand, but once I got it to work, I was in awe. I cannot wait to see what we can do with these mechanics later on in the game.

The only issue with the game is it being on the Switch which holds the performance of the game back at times. It’s not game ending, but it’s really noticeable when it struggles.
They/them, he/him
I wasn’t much for Breath Of The Wild. Is Tears of the Kingdom more of the same or is it significantly different?


This feels like the perfect amount of familiar and new. I’m loving it!

When I went down the water well into a subterranean cave and then came out the other side right in the middle of a monster camp??? Gaggeroni.

Some of the new enemies are downright terrifying. I haaaaate the Horriblins omfg
I only had time this morning to do the intro and the first 2 shrines. Stunning. It was very smart of them to start the game this way. New stuff at the forefront, and also story at the forefront. It immediately drew me in.

I will forever accidentally throw my weapon though because I just can never get the controls down in this damn series.
The intro alone to this game is just stunning. If this doesn't win all the awards...

I was a eight year old kid "playing" (my dad's save file of) The Legend of Zelda. Little Matt's mind would have been so blown at this game.
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Got the game yesterday but didnt even unpacked it as i worked over 10 hours and i also work today (luckily only 8 hours today) so might finally try it today or tommorow.
Not me taking 5 whole ass minutes to cross the mini pond because I wrecked the two sails I found and had to instead ultrahand a tiny korok leaf to a flimsy stick onto the logs, sailing at a whopping 1.7 km/h to the shrine. Game of the year but Tears of the Kingdom indeed.
if it’s the same pond I’m thinking of.. the language in my house when I sailed over in 5 seconds and my husband sank both his rafts and tried to make a bridge by cuitting down every tree dd
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I’m about 10 hours in and have barely scratched the main quest. This is going to be huge.

As someone who spent 300 hours within Breath Of The Wild, there was the slight concern of things not feeling as unique or magical with the sequel. There was one slightly lower review (by The Verge) that said there wasn’t the same “sense of wonder” purely due to overfamiliarity. I couldn’t disagree more…

That concern was obliterated immediately. The intro and tutorial section alone filled me with wonder and wowed me repeatedly. The aesthetics/sound design and game mechanics of the sky islands distinctly set it apart from BOTW. Of course, the surface itself was at risk of feeling overly familiar but it just… doesn’t. Yes it’s the same location/map, but it’s just bursting with new opportunities, substantially altered geography and a new sense of life and vibrancy. Even things that could’ve felt boring/repetitive (say refilling the map for example) are turned into these newly magical experiences.

As I said, I’ve barely played it at all yet, but it really feels like they took everything that was great about BOTW, improved and refined them, and then added heaps on top. Like I haven’t even mentioned the cave systems and the huge new area (you know the one…)

Honestly, for me, it’s giving GOAT already.