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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. RJF


    How difficult are the Master Trials? There's no way I have the skill for a damn Golden Lynel. I would like to complete that before I move on to Champion's Ballad.
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  2. I finished the first set, got halfway though the second and got my ass handed to me by a sky guardian, said fuck it and moved on.
  3. I just did the first bit of the Champion's Ballad, clearing the camps. I made it about a hundred times harder for myself because I didn't realise I could use my bow dddddd I just forgot to equip it dddd

    Catch me trying to kill everything using just bombs. I did it though, bitch!

    I also tried to do the Trial of the Sword but got killed by the first Stone Talus (I sort of...never worked out how to beat these without taking shit loads of damage?)... is this essential/incredibly difficult? I saw there's like 25 levels to it.
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  4. I mean they're never not developing, but it's been confirmed that the next Zelda is in development.
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    Wait, forty five levels of torturous nonsense all for the Master Sword to be at double power but still break anyway? Fuck that. Champion's Ballad here I come.
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  6. Climb onto their back and swing a two handed weapon round using a charged attack and it I’ll chip it’s health away fairly quickly every time it hits the ore.
  7. RJF


    I low-key think the DLC is... shit. It's basically just, "Do this... BUT WITH LESS STUFF!!!!!" for every single mission. It's just cheap and tiresome.
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  8. It's basically an excuse for more (harder) shrines and to give away a bike
  9. I played both DLCs for maybe 20 minutes and quit. I think I need to wait until I want to replay the whole game to enjoy them.
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  10. RJF


    So I completed Champion's Ballad tonight and I was maybe a little hard on it initially, because I ended up enjoying it quite a bit, and the final boss is a great mix of challenging but fun. The prize at the end is a total scream, and in general it was nice to jump back into the world with a new purpose.
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  11. Almost done with the Odyssey storyline and this game has been everything. I've never really played a proper Mario game (I know, I know) but the game has been so enjoyable and accessible even for a casual fan.
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  12. I love Super Zelda Odyssey.
  13. Dddddd my bad.
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  15. Great even if it still feels overwhelming sometimes. Deciding whether I wanna buy the expansion pass yet or wait until I'm done with the story first. I'm taking my time on it though, just looking around at what I want and going in the Divine Beasts' general directions.
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  16. I read this as "how's bottoming going for ya"
  17. Steep difficulty curve at first but gets easier depending on what equipment you happen to get a hold of.
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  18. Wait!

    The best content requires you to finish the four beasts anyway before it becomes accessible.
  19. That's what I figured. I'm almost worried I'm spending too much time with the game though. I don't wanna burn myself out so quickly. ddddd I wanna buy Mario or Xenoblade but it feels ridiculous when there's....so much still in Zelda. I don't think I've covered half the map yet in just getting to the towers.
  20. RJF


    I literally only had Zelda for about a month for the Switch (...as there was nothing else available, but still) and I was fine. I most certainly would recommend completing the main story before even thinking about buying Mario considering it'll be as equally dominating in terms of the time you're going to sink into it.
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