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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. UGH fine i WON'T indulge in retail therapy guys jesus.
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  2. I think Zelda and Mario are pretty combinable to be honest. The former demands longer playing sessions and the latter is just as enjoyable in very small bursts.

    But Zelda deserves your undivided attention since it's still the better game. (Even though Odyssey is amazing but Zelda is....you know....Zelda.)
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  3. Also, sometimes being able to get around puzzles feels like I'm cheating but in such a good way and I feel like that's what the true answer to some puzzles were and goddamn this game it's perfect.
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  4. I did all that for the Master Sword and it’s not even the strongest sword in my inventory? Bye.
  5. Ddddd just ROLLING into the windblight ganon fight with a shit ton of bomb arrows like SORRY SIS not to-fucking-day.
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  6. I just completed the Champions Ballad, what a wonderful addition to an already perfect game. I genuinely shed a tear at the end of it. I’ve become so invested in the characters.
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  7. This is so gorgeous.

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  8. Defeating Guardians by shield parrying their lasers back at them is incredibly gratifying.
  9. I never really learned how to do this and I suspect I'm going to have to in order to defeat Ganon.
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  10. I'm so shit at it when it comes to normal enemies but the ridiculously long lead up to a Guardian laser blast lets me prepare for them. I probably should practice it on normal enemies more but...I mean....eh.
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  11. Also why have I never defeated a Lynel after that first one you're required to? Granted I've barely tried (and the one time I did, Radar my horse died leaving me shook)...
  12. I find going up against lynels to be really fun but I need to mentally prepare myself for it.

    I’ve also come to really enjoy the “major test of strength” shrines.
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  13. They're the only ones I leave after finding because no way am I wasting decent weapons on THOSE.
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  14. I cannot defeat Lynels at all.

    Hardest fuckers in the game!
  15. You get great weapons from them, wyd sis
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  16. Eaux.
  17. Lynels I have a pretty consistent strategy of freezing in time, wailing on and then fleeing for my life until the rune recharges, with many fairies in possession just in case.
  18. There’s a lizalfos camp around Gerudo desert where they’re all holding royal broadswords (36 damage). They’re the black and white striped ones so they take forever to kill but I just hang on the roof or near the eye of the skull opening and throw bombs on them until they all die. It takes a while but you get at least 3 swords (I think with +durability) and since they’re the black and white ones, they drop gems when you defeat them.
  19. Use your Guardian weapons for the major shrines and you replace them with whatever the Guardians drop.
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  20. I'm so far behind the rest of you who've been playing this since February, but I don't see myself putting this game down for a long time. I've just travelled from Kakariko to Hateno Village and I don't feel compelled to continue the main quest just yet. I'm having too much fun exploring to do that.

    I'm having a hard time looking at the map and seeing so much of it blank, so I'm thinking about go around to each of the towers that I've pinned and activating them. I'm sure the main quest will take me to all of these places eventually but my OCD makes me want to skip ahead and just activate them. I'm sure a lot of them will be surrounded by guardians, covered in thorns or the climbs will be just outside the reach of my stamina wheel, but half the fun is going to these places and discovering that for myself. Or is that a bad idea?
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