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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

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    The Master Sword Trials are so not worth it. Champion's Ballad is good though.
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  2. I got a few stages into that Trial of the Sword thing or whatever and couldn't kill the first Talus and just... I have no motivation to actually go through it again properly. I'll focus on completing / starting the remaining sidequests and getting the last bits of outfits I don't have, before conquering all Shrines.

    The Champion's Ballad was fun. We need another one of those.
  3. I am actually finding myself enjoying the Trial of the Sword but I think it's because it's not nearly as frustrating as I expected it to be. I just have the final stage/trial left to go and then I'm going to move on to the Champion's Ballad.
  4. Oh maI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY I have yet to buy the DLC's. I haven't played properly in like a month now... maybe I should revisit it soon, mess around a bit and then get the DLC's...
  5. I found the beginning trials of the Master Sword trials the most difficult. It took me actual months to complete them. Once I'd done that I'd done the others in a week. The sword still runs out of energy but not as quick and is powerful enough to be useful now.
  6. I beat the master trials on my first attempt. It was challenging but a lot of fun, my heart was pounding!
  7. I love Zelda's OST so much, it's great music to listen to when I actually decide to focus at work.
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  8. I'm still pretty shook by the fact I've owned this game for like 5 months and I'm still running around places I've never been to before.

    Like today I found a whole area with a big enemy camp with unopened chests, koroks which are blatantly obvious even by looking at the map, under water chests hidden in lakes, etc.
  9. I just pre ordered Hyrule Warrios because I need a fix. Did anyone play it on the WiiU? Is it worth it? I know the warriors games can be repetitive but I feel like it's the kind of mind numbing game I could use as a light summer button masher.

    Also playing as both Zelda and Princess Ruto. Lil gay me would be so jealous.
  10. I really enjoyed it, it was my first time trying out the franchise but I loved playing as all the different Zelda characters. I’ll be getting it for the Switch too.
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  11. The leap in quality between Skyward Sword and Breath Of The Wild is fucking gargantuan!

    I have my six-week break now and thought I’d give the former another play through. And everything is such a god damn chore. Worst Zelda game ever. The controls, the mechanics, the dungeons, large elements of the story and supporting characters...

    On a more positive note, playing through Wind Waker HD is an absolute joy (aside from the sailing, still).
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    Me reading back through this thread a bit
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