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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. What a great idea I never thought to do that
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  2. Oh, how could I forget? The Hero's Path is worth the price alone. So useful. I became obsessed with visiting every tiny place I hadn't yet visited.
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  3. The first time I looked into that, I saw some parts of the map I have never visited, specifically the left part just outside the Grand Plateau, I guess I missed it because I went straight to the right to Kakariko. There was a big area I just circled. That alone gave me a few extra more hours of gameplay.

    Sadly I brought both DLC on my Wii U and now I mainly play on Switch, I even got the game again for it, it's just that good! I'm on my third run and it still feels fresh.
  4. I’m having so much fun with A Link Between Worlds. Just finished saving the Seven Sages and now I’m collecting the remaining Maiamai babies.

    The game encouraged me to go back to the Link’s Awakening remake, which I had abandoned midway, but... that game feels so stiff in comparison? It looks amazing, but the controls are not as smooth somehow. Everything feels slow and cumbersome compared to A Link Between Worlds.
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  5. I played through BOTW for the first time ever recently and what a triumph it is. I never imagined I'd experience a Zelda game like it. The sheer scale is incredible and the flexibility in approach you can take allows for really endless possibilities. I've done the main story and spent a few days just hopping around, exploring, doing side quests etc. and I'm still only 20% complete! Nintendo SNAPPED.
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  6. I did the same thing and feel the same way. It was charming and challenging in the right ways at times, so I'll get back to it eventually, but you can tell it's a dated Zelda game. I had the same feelings about the Samus Returns remake or "reimagining" or whatever on 3DS.
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  7. I have now finished Link’s Awakening (Switch) and also Link Between Worlds. Loved both games but I think Awakening takes the win here for its fantastic atmosphere, graphics and cute dialogue / characters. Worlds has a better plot and controls better, though.

    I’m now playing Ocarina of Time 3D and... I’m not enjoying it as much as I expected so far, given its legendary fame. I think the “hub” is dull and empty, and the game goes a bit too far in the opposite direction of hand-holding in my opinion. I feel like it doesn’t make clear enough what is optional and what is necessary to keep going. For example, I kept going in circles searching every corner for what to do next before I finally caved, looked it up and realized that the “waterfall diving challenge” was something obligatory for progression and not some sort of mini-game (because the Zora only mentions there being a reward after you accept the challenge). I guess my mind is just used to more modern games that nudge you in the right direction a little better? From now on I’ll just do everything and see what happens.

    Sure, it doesn’t railroad you through linear stages, but it’s a fake sense of freedom, cause even if you explore you’re just gonna get stuck on dead ends, since you still have to do dungeons in order.

    The lack of camera control is also very annoying so dungeons so far have felt a bit... claustrophobic and tiresome to play cause it feels like I’m always having to use the gyroscope L button to look around for secrets, etc. Coming from top-down Zelda games which are much simpler to operate, this has been a struggle. Even on Breath of the Wild, which is 3D, I didn’t really feel like this, since Shrines were simple self contained puzzles, and even the 4 big dungeons still felt simple to navigate since there’s camera controls and they just feel... bigger. Maybe this has to do with Ocarina being on a handheld? I have the 2DS XL but it still feels pretty cramped.

    I also keep forgetting that some items have to be used. It feels like I’m playing Phoenix Wright sometimes dd Like after I find the letter from Ruto explaining where she is, my mind just doesn’t think to “use the letter” in front of the Zora king, I expected to just talk to him and he would start the dialogue with “you found what??”, etc, and go from there. I didn’t need to take items out of my inventory in Awakening to do the trades, I just had to talk to the characters.

    The lack of fast travel to checkpoints (at least so far) has also felt very tiresome, I feel like almost half of the time I’m playing is spent with my thumb fixed on the circle pad going “up” on Hyrule Field.

    And last but not least, the Great Fairy laugh is horrific dd
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  8. Yeah, all legitimate criticisms but you do have to remember the context in which the game was released. Ultimately a lot of things Ocarina did became staples for games we play now, like the Z-targeting, and people certainly weren't used to the level of exploration that Hyrule Field offered at the time (which seems minimal now!). It's still one of the greatest games of all time, just try and keep an open mind and have fun while consulting the walkthrough!

    I remember playing it on the N64 as a kid and just being constantly bowled over by the scope.
  9. Reading through I think those criticisms are valid but definitely gaming things of its time. The wide open, but empty, Hyrule field was breathtaking when the game was released.

    It can be a very hard game too. As a kid I could not complete JabuJabu. I didn’t really know about guides when it came out so I honestly spent like a month trying to figure it out. Only to be later met with the Water dungeon.
  10. RJF


    Ocarina of Time doesn’t really properly kick off until you get said ocarina.
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  11. The JabuJabu dungeon... I am disgusted.
    I know this joke has probably been made countless times over the years but

    Oh no, yeah, I understand that its legendary status comes from the time it was released at. I guess I just have to get used to it, coming from the ultra polished experiences the other games I played provided.

    Maybe I should stick to playing the other titles in chronological order to avoid this as much as possible. I already regret having playing A Link Between Worlds before A Link to the Past, cause I just started the latter and... the issue has only been exacerbated by having just played the exact same map in a much more modern game.

    As of now, having a 3DS and a Switch, the only titles I won’t be able to experience for the foreseeable future are... Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventure, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Really hoping Waker and Twilight get Switch ports!
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  12. Have you not played Wind Waker???
  13. LISTEN! (In Navi's voice)

    If you're this frustrated now I can't wait to hear what you go through when you need encounter: The Slingshot, Freeing Epona, The Water Temple (THAT BLOODY TEMPLE), The Spirit Temple, Entering the castle etc. There isn't any shame in doing a little Google for it every now and then, the game does not spoon feed you so being pointed in the right direction every now and then helps a lot.

    Ocarina of Time is an absolute triumph for its time. It became the blueprint for so many fantasy games since and the sheer volume of content available in it really does set it apart from all of its peers of the time. I remember being in absolute awe of it and all these years later I do think it still stands up well (despite there being faults).

    Also, as if you're coming for the Great Fairies when they are serving LOOKS. Many a queen WISH they could pull those out of the bag for the runway.

  14. Homosexuality confirmed
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  15. I still haven't beaten Breath of the Wild yet, or even gotten that far in it. I think I did the Zora area first... and now I think i've been recommended to go into the Gerudo area next but I know you need to get certain clothes and whatnot... And traverse through some harsh temperatures. It stresses me out because it's so open world that I just have no idea what i'm doing.
  16. He


    This is a game that really gives you the freedom to do just that, whatever you want. Take advantage of that.
  17. The glow up she had too. Whew.

  18. He


    Oh wow, mother!!
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  19. I only got into Zelda with Breath of the Wild and I don’t have any system that can play it..
  20. You are in for a damm TREAT when it comes to the Switch, what a fucking game.
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