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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Assuming that nothing is happening with regards to Nintendo is best practice, in my experience.
  2. This. With Nintendo, the more I want it, the more it absolutely isn’t happening.
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  3. Just finished (ie: glitched it to hell and back) the Trial of the Sword and my new glowing stick with 60 power and increased durability is soooo overpowered, I love it. I’ll definitely try to go back and do them the correct way in the future, but that shit is hard and, as I’m working on exploring the whole map, I wanted a way to annihilate the gold enemies without having to break 2 or 3 weapons for each one.

    I love this game, there’s so much to do.
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  4. Rob


    Given Nintendo's recent antics we'll probably only get a tweet with some anniversary artwork and we'll deal.
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  5. XXX


    Yesterday I sprained my neck after being startled by a camouflaged Lizal. I hate this game (and I'm getting old).
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  6. It hasn't been mentioned in the direct yet, but we're getting Age of Calamity Expansion Pack:

  7. Skyward Sword for Switch... but where is the Wind Waker Wii U Master for the Switch?!
  8. When Eiji told us to keep waiting for Breath of the Wild 2 news...

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  9. I have such mixed feelings about Skyward Sword. It's beautiful, though.
  10. Skyward Sword is legitimately one of the most fun Zelda games to play BUT it needed some more damn love so people could appreciate it. Saturate the hell out of those skies. Fill up the islands. Flesh out the world a bit. Switch up the repetitive boss battle!!
  11. I'm so happy about this announcement! Skyward Sword HD, let's gooo!
  12. Skyward Sword is trash nn. They should've at least given us Wind Waker and Twilight Princess like the Mario collection.
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  13. Wind Waker, yes. Twilight Princess, no. I know y'all love it, but it's just so damn ugly. I know I'm probably alone with that sentiment.
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  14. Twilight is ugly but I love it. Skyward Sword is ugly and I hate it.
  15. They could have taken advantage of the fact they have all three in HD and given us the Triforce HD bundle or something cute, but no. And if it's only being released mid-July, I guess there's even less of a chance they'd bundle it up with the other two towards the end of the year.
  16. You are not!
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  17. Hasn't the bundle been rumoured for bloody ages as well? Unless that's Ocarina/Majora/Twilight. The way they've done NO work to Skyward has gutted me. Making the joycons work like the wii and using the tiltstick just not count
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  18. I just...want to play OoC and Wind Waker on my switch. Is that really too much to ask??
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  19. If (!) The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD come to the Switch at one point, y'all know damn well they'll both be full-price titles. Nintendo would be stupid to sell them as a cheap(er) bundle.
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  20. So this fucking divine beast bird Vah Medoh is the only level I can't beat. Yes, swing around the sky slowly like a gigantic fucking useless target hanging there, what a great tactic.
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