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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Wind Waker must be my second favourite game of all time behind Resident Evil 4. It’s just magical. The WiiU remaster is perfect.
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  2. Wind Waker > Twilight Princess >> Skyward Sword

    I actually have very little memory of Skyward because I only played it once. I remember enjoying the ending with Fi, the temple where you were time travelling with the little electric dudes and the Impa reveal. I’m kind of excited to play it again.
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  3. I've never played any of those 3. I hate the Toon Link style though. And I just never had a Wii. I would definitely play Twilight Princess over the other 2 though.
  4. I think Skyward Sword's main asset (aside from the controls, although I know those are quite controversial) is the mostly amazing dungeon design. This video does a really good job at explaining it: The older Zelda games all featured dungeons that required you to see the dungeon as a whole rather than just a series of separate puzzles, but that changed with The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. And ironically, it's Skyward Sword that (despite all its other issues) brought this kind of creative dungeon design back to the Zelda series.

    By the way, there's videos like this one on pretty much every Zelda game and they're all super well made, so if anyone is interested in these kind of things, do check out that YouTube channel!
  5. Wind Waker > Twilight Princess > Skyward Sword

    But absolutely agree that Skyward Sword had fantastic dungeon design. It's just weighed down by tedious tasks and a disconnected world. (And frankly I think it's the ugliest of the three.)
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  6. Surely you know about the whole ‘toon Link’ controversy when it was first announced and then people eating their words when they actually played it? I guarantee once you’ve played Wind Waker you’d be head over heels in love with it.

    Anyone who ranks them anything other than Wind Waker - Twilight Princess - Skyward Sword needs to replay.
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  7. I've played bits of it before, and watched playthroughs. It's alright. I guess saying I "hate" it is strong wording. It's just not my favorite. I actually liked the DS games or whatever that use Toon Link though.
  8. You like Spirit Tracks but not Wind Waker?

  9. RJF


    Wind Waker is an absolutely stunning game.
  10. Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass are my least favourite Zelda games nn. TRASH. They kinda did Toon Link dirty after Wind Waker.
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  11. I prefer Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, the Gameboy and the DS games more than a lot of the 3D Zelda's. It's just more my vibe.
  12. I feel like A Link Between Worlds is super underrated, it's probably my favourite top-down Zelda alongside the new Link's Awakening. The 3D games are, of course, all exciting and grand and I think they're all masterpieces, but the 2D ones have such a charming, nostalgic vibe to them. And again, I feel like when it comes to clever dungeon design, they're often better and more challenging than the 3D games.
  13. I really love Wind Waker, but something about Twilight Princess was so riveting. Out of all the games, it really felt like it had the most character development and it was the most fleshed out Hyrule has ever been (pre-BOTW, though that Hyrule is basically in ruins). I was so emotionally invested and it felt like Link was a real person that was connected to a community that truly cared about him. Not to mention Midna’s and Link’s parting was one of the most devastating moments of the entire franchise. The controls were extremely clunky in retrospect, but I honestly thought they were state of the art back then and you could not tell me otherwise. (Side note: I feel like people scoff at the Wii now, but it really was such a wondrous little console to have back then. It felt like cutting edge technology and like I was living in the future. Lowkey nervous to revisit TP now that I’m not some bright eyed preteen anymore)
  14. I played Twilight Princess on the GameCube to purposely avoid the Wii sword controls. I really hope the Switch versions don’t force motion control on us. I’m old and just want to press buttons.
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  15. I only played Twilight Princess on the Wii U, but I can imagine how tricky the Wii version's controls must've been, considering that Motion Plus wasn't a thing back then yet.

    This being said, the Skyward Sword motion controls were amazing and I am willing to die on this hill.
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  16. A Link Between Worlds is a masterpiece. It's helped by Link To The Past being my all-time favorite Zelda game, as it's very much a spiritual sequel to it. However, the game mechanic of blending into the wall is incorporated so well that it goes beyond being a simple gimmick. Not to mention an effective twist with the villain and a satisfying final boss fight.
  17. The game does look really beautiful; those clouds and the hair mechanics:

    Although it does worry me that it felt like half the trailer just looked like regular Breath of the Wild with a DLC (same enemies and locations with minor changes, even the over world looking fairly similar). It's weird that in many of the ground shots you can see the sky and there are no floating islands.

  18. pretty epic indeed

    Now there’s a definite date of next year I’m contemplating one more replay of the first one again since there’s time
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  19. I felt the same way. Is it just going to be a rehash of the first game? Like toss in a couple new abilities and new dungeons and shrines and call it a day? If all the enemies are just going to be the same, and probably have the same AI, that's kind of boring.
    And yeah it is weird you can't see the floating islands in many of the shots?

    Not sure really what I want from this game though. Like I want it to be close to the first but what could they improve? I guess floating islands are interesting - the original map includes snowy areas, a desert, etc. so there's not much they can do with environment variety for a sequel. So floating islands is clever and hopefully they aren't a "You can only get there sometimes" kind of thing, I don't really know what it means that they're not always visible seemingly.

    I'd hope the story is good, and more expansive, too.
    And I'm hoping for new enemies to fight but now I guess we'll see on that.
  20. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a title yet. The whole roll-out has been very odd. I’m not surprised they’re still being quite secretive about the story given that the release is next year.

    I’m suitably gagged but very thirsty for more. Though I expect it’ll be another year to wait for that.

    The sky content looks a bit like Fenyx Rising to be honest.
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