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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Fuck I just discovered her! She is amazing, isnt she?
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  2. Has anyone seen her perform live? How is she?

    I am still obsessed with her debut album. It has the best pop melodies I have listened in years.
  3. cpr


    I hope this means her sophmore album is out this year!
  4. Prophet and Lunch still get regular plays from me, I'm so so excited to see what she's cooking up next.
  5. cpr


    Only about twenty seconds of the new song played at the end of the preshow. It's called Holes and reminds me a bit of Plunge or the remix Olif Dreijer did of Rouge à Lèvres. I wouldn't be shocked if this was one of his coproductions.
  6. Finally! Last year she said new music would be out by January this year.

    She’s so fucking good.
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  7. cpr


    Here's the graphic from the stream. The audios been culled from youtube and twitch unfortunately.
  8. cpr


    Holes is here and I love it! It's very 2010s the Knife/Fever Ray output which her voice is really suited to.
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  9. cpr


    Here's the Olof Dreijer and Planningtorock remixes of Holes:

    I love how clear her vocals are on Olof's remix. Also Robyn uploaded to Club DOMO Holes release party on YouTube:

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