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Zodiac Signs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. What are your zodiac signs? I'm a firm believer that some people fit their zodiac sign description. I've been quite attuned to it over the years and I think I know each sign very well. So what is yours?

    I'm a Capricorn, but a weird one.

    PS: I know there's a lot of people that think this is utter crap
  2. AustenT

    AustenT Guest

    Unfortunately there are so many different descriptions of Libra's that I really don't know if I act like one or not.

    I would say no.

    Most descriptions say I'm romantic and outgoing etc. but I'm not at all.

    Wow, I definately do not fit the descriptions.


    Edit 2:
    It does say stuff about me liking peace, harmony, and equality which is quite like me..

    Right then. I'll just put a check mark by all the things that apply.

    Diplomatic / compromising however possibly manipulative. Check.
    Cooperative. Check.
    Fair / balanced / impartial. Check.
    Idealistic (in relationships).
    Easy-going / sociable.
    Indecisive / changeable.
    Peace loving. Check
    Gullible / influenceable.
    Elegant / graceful.
    Refined / artistic / good taste. Check.
    Pleasure oriented.
    Kind. Check
    Cheerful. Check.
  3. Leo here. I don't think i'm a typical Leo at all. They say Leos are the most outgoing, confident sign whereas i'm quite shy. Although my brother says I fit the bossy description! I don't believe in it anyway but it's fun to read about.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    My birthdate (hint hint ahem) makes me a Sagittarius.

    I'm meant to be:
    Fears responsibility
    Peter Pan syndrome
    Tendency to gamble

    Unusual ideas
    Being on the move
    Luxury items
    New friends

    Public disapproval
    Playing safe
    Tight clothes/areas
    Being doubted
    Being refused

    I'm looking to marry an Aries. Or possibly a Leo. So yeah, call me. Haha
  5. Viv


    Happy Birthday!! This:
    really made me laugh.

    I am a Scorpio. I don't know much about it except we're supposed to be passionate, strong, intense...?
    I guess that's about right.
  6. I'm a Virgo and I fit about all of mine ie neurotic and INSANE.
  7. I am a Taurus. Apparently they are considered feminine.
  8. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator


    I don't know much about what I'm supposed to be but the law of Gemini states that another one will always pop up where I am.

    Oh and I'm apparently most compatible to Libras and other Geminis. My sister and my best friend are both Libras and I like me, so I guess that fits.
  9. Apparently I'm extremely lovable, stubborn, and a good singer.
  10. I am Virgo which means…
  11. Libra baby! Which means:

    Diplomaitic and urbane
    Romantic and charming
    Easygoing and sociable
    Idealistic and peaceable

    On the dark side....

    Indecisive and changeable
    Gullible and easily infuenced
    Flirtatious and self-indulgent

    I think thats pretty much me. Except for 'easily influenced', which I'm not. I'm very gullable though. & I spend and flirt like it's my last day on the planet. Woopsies. I'm also quite decisive.

    Uhm... what does urbane mean?
  12. It means like you're supposed to be as knowledgeable and sophisticated as a city dweller is supposed to be. I think that's what it means anyway.
  13. Gemini also. A very typical one, but I'm supposed to have Cancerian traits also as I was born on the cusp.

    I'm also obsessed with reading my horoscope. Really, frighteningly obsessed!
  14. I'm pretty much your typical Leo.
  15. I was born June 20th, so I'm a Gemini/Cancer cusp. I'm very Gemini-y though. I can never make up my mind about things.

    Does anyone know good websites for astrology as it relates to dating and compatibility? I think that sort of stuff is fun, but Google searching is terribly ineffective at finding good sites.
  16. I am almost the exact description of a Gemini. I mean, I could go on about a million different sites and they'll all confirm it.

    I mean, all of these describe me perfectly. It's a shame that horosccopes et al. are complete vague bullshit but if ever there was anyone who exemplified the traits of a Gemini, it's me!
  17. Those descriptions are exactly me as well!
  18. Me too! Apparently Leo's are feisty and strong which basically sums me up in two words.

    This: http://www.kamalkapoor.com/sun_signs/leo.asp is actually me.
  19. Maybe we should discuss the likeness further over some...coffee!
  20. This explains a lot. Hmm.
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