Zoe Alexander - X-Factor, The Truth

She could’ve snapped a lot worse in my opinion for the mental and physical torture they put her through on the day. It’s so wrong.
I can’t even do a presentation in front of people without being inches away from a serious breakdown - I can’t even begin to comprehend how she must have felt on that stage.
Yeah like...I don’t doubt that they maliciously edited the video to sway in the favor of negative representation. There is some very sussy editing going on and I absolutely feel awful for her, but 2 videos was enough. The conspiracy pictures make no sense. The idea that the facial expressions are edited has no basis in reality, and now she’s likely just making her trauma worse.

Like look at Misha B, I know it’s a completely different form of attack as it was racial, but she spoke her truth and now you can tell she’s moving on. I think anyone affected by these types of issues, whilst I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional pain, needs to try and move on for their own sanity. I’m sure most of the public knows X-Factor was a farce the whole time, it was literally one of our modules in A-Level Media, discussion how fake and negative it is. The X Factor ultimately lost in the end anyway, it’s ratings plummeted and it is remembered as an absolute shameful joke of a show. She should take some comfort in that.

Anyone who watched the first couple of videos believes you and sympathizes with you, so now it’s like, try and move on with your life sis.