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Zowie - Love Demolition (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fanatical, May 11, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Zowie has finally released her debut album here in NZ, pretty solid debut... love the 80's vibe. Bowie is a major influence. The list of producers on this album is quite impressive.

    Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, No Doubt)
    Jimmy Harry (Madonna, Pink, Oh Land)
    Johnny Severin Powers (Lady Gaga)
    Henrik Jonback (Britney Spears, Miike Snow)
    Alexander Kronlund (Britney, Robyn, The Knife)
    Jonas Quant (No Doubt, Hurts, Kylie Minogue)

    Album preview: http://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/love-demolition/id523031962

    I prefer the second half of the album 'Ping Ping', 'Anodyne', 'Idiotize' and 'Sugar Cone' are amazing!
  2. It's about time! Can't wait to listen. Love Demolition and Broken Machine were both fantastic.
  3. Loved the RAC remix of Broken Machine. I'll probably check her album out.
  4. I bought a signed copy yesterday.

    If you like The Tings Tings (the more electronic songs like Hands!) Peaches, Britney and Electrocute.....it sounds very much like some of those acts at times.
  5. Oh my gosh I never knew this was out there!!
    Finished listening through now, 'Smash It' is still as amazingly bonkers as ever.

    'Anodyne' is my favourite of the new tracks, amazing!, everything else tends to blur into one but all very solid overall.

  6. Can you tell me where I can buy the signed copy????
  7. I don't know what this trend is with artists making their best songs bonus tracks. In this case, Broken Machine and Bite Back.
  8. The album is pretty good, agree that its stupid to make Broken Machine/Bite Back bonus tracks.
    Ping Ping is amazing, happy that it's going to be the next single. If you buy it at JB HIFI - you get a signed copy.
  9. I tried JB HiFi but a search for "Zowie" returns 0 results... so I checked her Facebook and she's promoting this place;


    So I got a copy from there. It's based in New Zealand and it costs $ 32.73 with shipping (New Zealand dollars), which comes to £15.
  10. JB's is fairly new to New Zealand, their website is useless.

    They have been around in Australia for quite a while before coming over to New Zealand.

    Marbecks is probably the most respected music store in NZ, they have been around for decades!

    My Calculator video:


    Very 'electroclash' song!
  11. I just need the 3 iTunes bonus tracks from some source now... it's all very Natalia Kills Vs Ladytron really, but I like it.
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  13. It was a flop - even in New Zealand. :(

    It only charted at #31.
  14. This album is stupendous. Completely stupendous. Why is it a Kiwi-only iTunes only release. Does her label not want people to listen to her music?

    Everything that trashy yet amazing popular music should be. Also, robots. Also, calculators!

    You know it's a good pop album when nearly every album cut sounds like a banging single.
  15. I've been listening to this a lot this week and ugh it's so GOOD. Her music is just perfect. It's simple and hook-filled and required little thought. (I mean this in the best way, in opposition to how Marina or Lana can be exhausting to listen to. I guess fun is the word.) And her punk flair is great. And all her robot metaphors are so great. And she is great.

    Ping Ping is amazing.
  16. I keep going back to Zip It Up lately.

    She needs to head to the UK/Europe and release, she is wasting her talent being tied down to the NZ scene.
  17. I keep talking to her on facebook every now and then, and she has promised me that she will grace the UK at some point this year. Hurry up please Zowie I ain't getting any younger.
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