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ZTT Records Boxset

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Phullup, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I couldn't help but notice in the picture of the X Factor playsheet on the front page mixed in with Out Of Control and the AC/DC(!!!) album was a copy of the new ZTT Records Boxset.

    As a ZTT fan I'm wondering if it's worth 25 pounds sterling? Music wise there doesn't seem to be anything on it I don't either:

    a. Already own.
    b. Have heard and could probably live without.

    There are apparently two essays, one by label founder Paul Morley and the other by Ian Peel, can anyone confirm if these are worth the entry price alone? Along with that there's 3 hidden tracks on CD 3, does anyone know what they are?

    Historical Footnote:
    For those of not old enough to remember (or old enough not to care) ZTT is the record label founded by record producer Trevor Horn and pop journalist Paul Morley. For a brief period during the 80's they were responsible for some of the most exciting pop music ever recorded and changed the way records were made and marketed. Well done to all involved.

    Historical Footnote Extra:
    A young Phullup once visited ZTT's Sarm West Studio's and saw Trevor Horn. It was very exciting. They gave me a Sarm mug. Brilliant!

    (Actually, I probably should have started this thread in the Questions section rather than here... Sorry!)
  2. I used to be a bit of a ZTT nut myself, still am in a way. But when I saw the tracklisting for this (and the price), I was somewhat underwhelmed. It *could* be so much better.

  3. It does seem to aimed at the casual collector rather than the 'hardcore'. It's odd that it's being released by a different record label too?

    Hopefully the Frankie Goes To Hollywood Mixology compilation (ANOTHER ONE!) will have some interesting stuff on it. Fingers crossed for the original Frankie demo of Slave To The Rhythm, if that even exists?
  4. I just had a look and it's not too amazing, I already have nearly all of the good stuff. I wish the Anne Pigalle album was still available on CD, she's only on the boxset once. Would be interesting to have the video of Snobbery And Decay but it's not worth paying out £25.
  5. That said, Why Does It Have To Be This Way... is the finest moment on her album.
  6. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    There's no Hoodlum Priest but this is a brilliant box set and feels likes genuinely special thing when you are holding it. Christmas present gold!
  7. nnnumb

    nnnumb Guest

    I love a boxset so I'll probably purchase as I'm sure it'll look lovely.

    As for Anne Pigalle... I have the album, and it should so be reissued. Hé Stranger is remarkable.
  8. 3 discs seems a bit mean when even Stiff's boxset stretched to 4 discs.

    I'll have to make my own.

  9. I would kill to have the Claudia Brucken Act album. I've got the Propaganda albums I want and MC Tunes.
  10. I was wondering whether the boxset has a lovely booklet with it. I also loved Like We Do the b-side to Why Does It Have To Be This Way (which is indeed ace), the chances of that seeing the light of day again is probably slight.
  11. Hoodlum Priest! I'd forgotten about them! They were part of the phase ZTT went though where they'd sign acts, throw a shit load of money at them, release one single and then never speak to them again.

    I haven't listened to Everything Could Be So Perfect for absolutely years. I've just put it into iTunes and its not the album I remember. Frankly It's brilliant, far more electronic and ZTTish than I recall.
  12. Considering the amount of unreleased material in their vaults, the tracklist is pretty lean. I have 80% of it. I would have liked a bit of the unreleased Seal album, the unreleased Tara Newly album, the unreleased Wendy & Lisa album... etc. etc.
  13. Its not rare is it????
  14. Would be good to hear some of the less obvious stuff they've got hidden away.

    Until recently most of the ZTT re-issues have been either a bit of a pigs ear and/or a blatant cash in (hello endless Frankie remixes!). I'd kind of hoped that had changed with the recent Art Of Noise boxset and the Act Anthology.

    Hopefully the Paul Morley / Ian Peel sleeve notes will be this boxsets saving grace. Or failing that I could get someone to buy it for me for Christmas, thus saving £25!
  15. It was reissued a couple of years ago, in a variety of versions. The 3CD deluxe set was too good too resist.

  16. I'm surprised by the likes of Leilani and David's Daughters being on there, as much as i love them both. I have both their unreleased albums and i'll never understand why it didn't happen for either.

    My boyfriend worked for ZTT back in the late 90's and I used to have many a tape from various studio sessions of the likes of Leilani, David's Daughters, Lee Griffiths, Seal (Human Being sessions), etc... I was always fascinated how each song would change so dramatically week by week... he really was this mad professor striving for perfection.

    I also remember some Paul Rutherford songs from that time, very industrial dance, very dark, which would be lovely to have.
  17. They could have at least included All Saints 'Silver Shadow'.
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